What the National Wildlife Federation Left Out of Its Misleading Report

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) report is a work of political advocacy by an organization that has referred to the Deepwater Horizon accident as “an historic opportunity” to finance its policy agenda.  NWF is not a Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) trustee and is not party to the NRDA studies undertaken to determine potential injury to natural resources that resulted from the accident.  The NWF report conveniently overlooks much of the five years’ worth of government data and information from third-party scientific papers that show that damages were limited and the Gulf is undergoing a strong recovery.  The dire predictions made in 2010 have fortunately not come to pass – in large part because of the Gulf’s resilience, natural processes and the effectiveness of response and clean-up efforts mounted by BP under the direction of the federal government.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BP answers frequently asked questions about the Deepwater Horizon accident, its response and economic and environmental restoration work.

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